Shape the future of land within Knowle West Health Park
Working with a multi-disciplinary design team, Bristol City Council is bringing forward plans to deliver new homes on land within Knowle West Health Park. We are still at a very early stage in the process, where the design team is looking at previous studies and work done to date, and is publicly engaging the community. This will help us understand the issues, constraints and potential opportunities for this site before starting to think about concept design proposals. We have launched this website to give you an opportunity to contribute your suggestions to feed into this design process. This will help them understand the issues, constraints and potential opportunities for this site before starting to think about concept design proposals. To get started and find out more about the project, please select an option below.
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Early public participationFebruary 2021 to June 2021

Local residents and stakeholders are being asked to contribute their thoughts, suggestions, ideas and issues using the interactive map and aspirations questionnaire.

Due to the high number of responses and concerns raised, we would like to have further discussions with the community through the Ward councillors and Knowle West Alliance before any pre-application submission is made. These discussions will now need to wait until the local elections have taken place as we are in the ‘pre-election’ period. The consultation will remain live until these discussions have taken place. These discussions will inform the dates and next steps outlined below.

EIA Screening Opinion submittedIn order to determine whether an 'Environment Impact Assessment' will need to accompany the outline planning application submitted, the design team will submit a 'screening opinion request' to the Council's planning department. This will be a public document and will include some drawings which show how buildings could be laid out on the site, to help understand whether further work will be required to understand its potential environmental impact. However, this should not be treated as a plan of what is proposed and will not preclude any outcomes of the public participation process.
Development of concept designsTaking on board the community's ideas, suggestions and aspirations, the design team will work up concept design proposals for the site. The interactive map, aspirations questionnaire (in both digital and paper format) and telephone line will remain open for contributions throughout this period.
Further public engagementOnce the design team has come up with concept designs for the site, we will publish these plans and ask the community and local stakeholders for their feedback.
Outline planning applicationOnce the design team has reviewed feedback from public engagement, we hope to submit an outline planning application to the Council's planning department.
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